One-to-one Lessons

One-to-one lessons

Are you looking for a Russian private teacher? Learn from home with a native teacher and the best learning method:

  • Native teachers
  • We have already taught 100,000 lessons
  • We fit our lessons to your level
  • Learning materials included
  • You choose the schedule (24 hours)

Finding the right teacher is very important. Let us know about your learning needs and we’ll assign you to one teacher from our team. We have taught more than 100,000 private lessons to students from over 90 different countries.

After teaching over 100,000 private lessons, we have used our experience to develop Sistema Kalinka’s learning method. Before each lesson, you will receive an email with exclusive learning materials and professional audio. Here you can read and listen to some samples:

Listen to a sample of a dialogue:

Listen to a sample of the vocabulary section:

Listen to a sample of a text:

Russian course sample Russian course sample Russian course sample Russian course sample


In order to fully enjoy our classes you just need to have Internet access, a webcam and a microphone. Also, you need to have Skype installed on your computer. Skype is a free software with which you can make free video calls. If you don’t know it, we’ll help you install it.

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