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The best method to speak Russian! Learn at your own pace and from home with our learning method with video + audio + personal tutor.

From the first day you will have unlimited access to all these contents:

  • 150 videos of 30 minutes each.
  • 350 pages of exclusive learning materials.
  • More than 250 audio recordings with texts and dialogues.
  • More than 200 exercises with the solutions explained on video.
  • More than 150 grammar tables explained on video.
  • Personal tutor to answer all of your questions via email.

IMPORTANT – You choose where to start: Our method covers lessons from zero until you reach a vocabulary of 3000-5000 words. If you already know some Russian, don’t start from the beginning and choose a more advanced lesson. You also can write your tutor and ask for guidance.

Try it for 7 days and if you’re not completely satisfied, email us and we’ll give you your money back.

29 euros / month – Subscription:  Click the “Subscribe” button below and make a payment for the first month. You will automatically be charged 29 euros every month on your credit card. You can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

After teaching over 100.000 individual lessons, we have used our experience to develop this method to learn Russian on video with a personal tutor. You will have unlimited access to 150 videos (each video lasts 30 minutes), 350 pages of learning materials (vocabulary lists, texts, dialogues, grammar tables and exercises) and more than 250 audio recordings. You will also have a personal tutor to answer all of your questions via email.

How much will I learn?

IMPORTANT: You can choose where to start: From the first day, you will have access to all videos and learning materials. This means that, if you already know some Russian, you don’t need to start from the beginning. Simply choose a more advanced lesson or write your tutor asking for guidance.

On the other hand, if you don’t know any Russian, you will start from zero, by learning how to read Russian letters. As you progress with the course, you will improve your language skills. When learning the last lessons, you will be able to use a vocabulary of 3000-5000 words. We have spent 5 years developing this learning method and from the first day, you’ll notice that you are learning like nowhere else. And remember that if you have any questions, you can ask your personal tutor via email.

How do I get access to the videos, learning materials and email tutoring?

When you enroll in our course, you will receive your login details (username and password) to access the students area, where you can watch the videos and download the learning materials (pdf and mp3 files). Remember that the same day you register, you will have access to all learning materials: from easy lessons for beginners to lessons for more advanced learners. Also, on the first day, you can write your tutor all your questions.

I already know some Russian. How should I use your learning method?

If you already know some Russian, you can skip the lessons that are too easy for you. If you’re not sure where to start, ask your tutor. Remember, that our method will give you access to hundreds of learning hours. So, even if you’re not a beginner, you’ll have enough materials that suit your level to learn and improve your Russian.

Remember that you can try it for 7 days. Try our learning method and, if you are not satisfied, simply write us we will give you your money back.

Can I watch a sample of the videos?

Here you can see for yourself how much you will learn with us. The video below shows part of what you will learn in the first few videos. Remember that our method consists of 150 videos and you will have unlimited access to all of them from the first day:

Can I read and listen to a sample of the learning materials?

Our method includes more than 250 audio recordings with texts, vocabulary lists and dialogues. It includes several hours of audio that you can download and take with you (for example on your phone) so you can listen and practice on the go. You will also be able to download more than 350 pages of learning materials with vocabulary lists, texts, dialgoues, grammar tables and exercises. The following is a sample of those materials.

Listen to a sample of a dialogue:

Listen to a sample of a vocabulary list:

Listen to a sample of a text:

Sample of Russian Course Sample of Russian Course Sample of Russian Course Sample of Russian Course

Course contents

Our course is divided into four stages. Each one marks an important achievement in your learning process. The first two stages will help you reach a vocabulary of 1000 words (A1-A2 levels). If you complete all four stages you will be able to express yourself in Russian with a vocabulary of over 3000-5000 words (B1-B2 levels).

Stage 1: From zero to beginner
Learn the basics and your first 500 words

  • Video: 40 videos (30 minutes each)
  • Audio: 77 audio clips
  • Learning materials: 100 pages
  • Estimated learning time: 60-80 hours
  • Vocabulary you will understand: 500 words

Let’s learn Russian together! This is stage 1, where you will start from zero and reach a vocabulary of 500 words. After completing this first stage you will acquire basic reading, listening and speaking skills. You will be able to communicate in simple situations (family, friends, work, everyday activities,…).

Stage 2: 1000 Russian words and much more
Improve your vocabulary and understanding of Russian

  • Video: 40 videos (30 minutes each)
  • Audio: 68 audio clips
  • Learning materials: 100 pages
  • Estimated learning time: 80-100 hours
  • Vocabulary you will understand: At least 1000 words

Are you ready to improve your Russian? You will learn grammar and vocabulary that will help you express your ideas more clearly. By the end of this stage, you will know at least 1000 words. That’s enough to understand 80% of words in some common texts. That’s a great achievement. Congratulations!

Stage 3: Let’s have a nice Russian conversation
Improve your vocabulary and reduce your mistakes when speaking

  • Video: 40 videos (30 minutes each)
  • Audio: 68 audio clips
  • Learning materials: 100 pages
  • Estimated learning time: 120-140 hours
  • Vocabulary you will understand: 1500-2000 words

In stage 3 you will enrich your vocabulary and learn to use new expressions with confidence. As an intermediate Russian learner, you will have a clear and structured idea about the Russian language. You will be able to speak about many different topics using real Russian. Great, isn’t it?

Stage 4: You are ready to be part of the Russian culture
The end of our course and the beginning of a great future

  • Video: 40 videos (between 30 and 45 minutes each)
  • Audio: 70 audio clips
  • Learning materials: 100 pages
  • Estimated learning time: 150-180 hours
  • Vocabulary you will understand: 3000-5000 words

You can be proud of yourself! After finishing this stage you will be able to communicate comfortably in most situations in everyday, cultural, educational and professional life. Your knowledge of Russian at this point is enough to take TORFL-1 / TPKИ-1 (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language). This is a great achievement as this exam is a requirement for applying to a Russian university. In other words, you’re ready to live in Russia, watch Russian tv, read Russian newspapers, etc.

Interactive exercises

Learning should also be fun. That’s why our course includes thousands of interactive questions which will help you practice and improve your language skills. And don’t worry if you don’t understand a particular question, because above the exercises you will find a video where your teacher explains every answer.

How do I pay to have access?

To access our learning method you have to pay a monthly subscription (the button to pay is at the beginning of this page). You can cancel this subscription whenever you want. The subscription will give you unlimited access to the following contents:

  • Access to watch the videos online without any limit.
  • Download the learning materials (pdf and mp3).
  • Ask your personal tutor questions via email.

Remember that you can try it for 7 days. Try our learning method and, if you are not satisfied, simply write to us we will give you your money back. Also, remember that you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

When do I get charged for my subscription?

Your subscription is charged automatically the same day of each month. For example, if you started paying on March 8th, you will get charged on April 8th, May 8th, and so on.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription whenever you want. After cancelling, you will still have access to the videos until the day you should get charged again. For example, if you should get charged on November 8th, but you cancel your subscription on October 24th, you will still have access to the videos until November 8th. That day, you will not get charged and you will stop having access to our learning method.

What Internet connection speed should I have to watch the videos?

You can do this simple test: If you can watch the video sample above, you can enjoy our learning method normally. If your connection speed is not very fast, you can lower the video quality very easily. Simply click the “HD” logo you see on the video above and choose a lower resolution

I have more questions about this learning method.

If you have any more questions regarding our courses, please contact us.

Contact us

Reviews (28)

28 reviews for Learn Russian for 1 euro/day: Course with 150 videos + tutor

  1. fassihhossein

    The platform Sistema Kalinka offers wonderful opportunity Russian language to learn.
    The lessons and exercises are very structured and give everyone the opportunity
    learn Russian self-didactically.

  2. fister.andrej (verified owner)

    The platform is very useful for beginners who would like to learn Russian, it is comprehensive and provides a good explanation of grammatical rules and a fun experience learning the words through thematical exercises. Of course, you need to commit to work but once you start it and find the pace you can progress quite well.

  3. Roderick Davies

    Great course, especially the interactive learning techniques. This helped me absorb the information more easily, and also gives you an idea of your progress. Highly recommended ++

  4. Paolo Resta (verified owner)

    Best Russian Course ever! I’m extremely satisfied

  5. Katalin Tóth (verified owner)

    I would like to thank you for making this wonderful video course. In just six months, my Russian has improved incredibly. The clear-cut and detailed explanations helped me to understand the inner logic and structure of the Russian language, that before seemed a mystery to me. My vocabulary also greatly improved. Yours is the best available learning tool for the Russian language!

  6. benjaminrubenabel

    I really like how your program is structure and how you explain everything so clearly.
    thx you very much i feel like my russian will improve a lot over time with your video and i love also the fact that there are many exercises!

  7. Pieter Joris (verified owner)

    Thank you very much for your lessons guidance inspiration. Never could’ve imagined i now can speak Russian. The website is easy to use. Whole lot of videos files books and all topics on Russian language are covered.

  8. John North (verified owner)

    I found this course very agreeable. It is well presented and covers the language. I learned a lot from it.
    John N.

  9. Linda Thompson

    I highly recommend this course. I have a passion for languages and it took me awhile to find something that I felt would benefit me in studying Russian. The course is quite extensive, the explanations, materials are very useful. I especially like how in the videos she is always referring back to something that was covered in prior lessons which helps reinforce the concepts.

  10. Louise Green

    I can’t recommend this course highly enough. I tried Rosetta Stone but struggled with the lack of explanation of the grammar. In this course, everything is explained very clearly and there are plenty of opportunities to practice. Each lesson introduces new vocabulary and grammar which is then illustrated in dialogues, texts and exercises. Each lesson is on a different topic and I learned a lot of interesting things about Russian history and culture during the course. Having completed it, I am confident with the use of the cases and the basic grammar and can now read Russian fairly well, although speaking it fluently remains a goal for the future.

  11. MICHAEL GEORGIAKOS (verified owner)

    Excellent course

  12. Daniel Denning (verified owner)

    There’s many lessons on Russian, but I do have to say this one by far is the best one that I have ever seen. The instructor provides a clear but in-depth explanation on the grammar rules, and you just learn them as you go. This program has helped me significantly. The exercises are phenomenal, and they require you to recall and understand information. The lessons aren’t repetitive so it doesn’t really get boring, and there’s so many different ways that are offered for you to learn based on your needs. There is so much content within the program which is amazing. I couldn’t recommend a better program than SistemaKalinka.

  13. naziaislam363 (verified owner)

    A very comprehensible and organized course, with a lot of good course materials and exercises to practice. As someone who struggles with Russian grammar a lot, I like the way Anastasia, the teacher, explains the different aspects of Russian grammar. Highly recommend if you want a more structured way of learning Russian than through YouTube or apps.

  14. Gordon Gallacher

    An excellent course, with first class materials. The teacher, Anastasia, is a wonderfully clear speaker. There is also a tutor available and i found that a very useful part of the course. So, not perhaps the easiest of languages to learn, but I can absolutely recommend it.

  15. myyra (verified owner)

    I have completed the whole course and i have nothing but good things to say about it. Very comprehensive and easy&fun to follow. 5/5

  16. Stephane

    As I have just completed my first level, I think that I now have a sufficient insight to write about the Sistema Kalinka course. Actually, it took me a lot of time to find what I would call the ‘Russian course of my dreams’, and I tried other courses before I finally found Sistema kalinka. Let’s be fair, these courses all had good aspects, but they also all lacked something, and they simply did not work for me. That is why I kept looking for a course. Finally, I found Sistema Kalinka, through comparative reviews, on the internet, and I decided to give it a try.
    The first thing which attracted me is how complete Sistema Kalinka is. It’s not just lessons grouped by topics, there are also all the things which a student might (and will sooner or later!) need besides the course itself: online exercises, intensive grammar lessons, and amazing online library with all sorts of e-books and physical books which cover everything from level A1 to C2, textbooks, and, last but not least, online lessons (via Skype) with very professional and competent teachers!
    As regards the course itself, it has 4 levels. Anastasia handles theses courses, and she is maybe the most passionate and dedicated teacher I’ve ever seen! With such a teacher you can only enjoy learning!
    A course is usually divided in sections:
    . Vocabulary and grammar;
    . Dialogues;
    . Text;
    . Exercises.
    All this is presented through video and written text. You can print everything through the available PDFs (including the correct answers to the exercises) and the audio parts are also available as audio files, so you can work online and/or at your desk (I actually recommend both!). All parts of the lesson have the same goal: to allow you to use the material (vocabulary and grammar) in an progressive and repeated (but not boring) way that will engrave it in your memory and make it natural! It is very efficient! Personally, I create flash cards for the vocabulary, main grammar points (cases for example) and verbs conjugation of each lesson and also revise it outside the lesson. Ideally, it is good to buy an online lesson from time to time, as it allows you to be sure you have understood the main points and are especially, are able to use what you have learned correctly (it is one thing to know some vocabulary by heart, but another thing to be able to use it in context, while talking to a native! Same for grammar). For the level one, I have taken 3 courses (meaning I have grouped lessons). It worked well for me! With the comments of my teacher, and the ultimate revision after lesson 10 (additional exercises), I can tell that for the first time since I have started learning Russian, I do feel that I have made huge progress!
    I believe that to learn a language, you need 4 things:
    1. A goal (what are you learning this language for?);
    2. A good course;
    3. A good teacher;
    4. An environment which gives you the possibility to put to practice what you learn (essential to remain motivated!).
    Before finding Sistema Kalinka, I only had 1 and 4, and that’s why it was so difficult for me to make progress. Now I meet all 4 criteria, so I’m glad and can continue to make progress in a very pleasant environment!
    I encourage people who are interested in learning Russian to give a try to Sistema Kalinka. You won’t be disappointed!

  17. Amanda Edwards

    The online classes are great. I bought the whole course to help with revision as I had a lot of gaps with the verbs and cases. It helped me to have a more disciplined approach as I had a couple of years’ Russian study recently and wanted to take the TRKI A2 level exam. I worked through the first two stages and passed my A2 in January, mainly due to following the course. I am still subscribed so I am now working through stage 3. Although the lessons with Anastasia are not live, I find them very engaging with lots of exercises and revision. Highly recommend.

  18. Thuy vo (verified owner)

    This course goes into the grammar gradually but without ever being too easy or boring. It’s really surprising how much we see every lesson and how it adds up. As I progress into the course I am more and more grateful for the analysis Anastasia does of the text and how every activity is used to teach more expressions and vocabulary, adding very nicely to the vocabulary section. It’s very well constructed and thought out and I recommend it.

  19. Nichole Haines (Meeko)

    I absolutely loved the online classes. I started learning Russian because my father’s side of the family is Russian Orthodox and most of my father’s side of the family speaks some Russian. Anastasia was a great Russian teacher and she went into depth with the cases a lot. I really enjoyed using this self taught online. I will definitely recommend this course to anybody who wants to learn Russian.

  20. Krisztina Kis-Hajdu

    Absolutely perfect for self study. All the lessons are well explained and easy to follow the teacher’s explanations. I highly recommend it!

  21. Braylen Strain

    I tried several courses before trying this one. I can easily say I retained the language much better with this course vs the others. The lessons all build on each other, and the teacher in the videos does an excellent job of explaining everything. Highly recommend!

  22. Federica Ramorino (verified owner)

    This Russian course is the best I’ve found on the web. I am very satisfied with the video course and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Russian without having to go to language schools or without having to follow set timetables. Due to some life coincidences, I started to get passionate about Russian culture and language in 2021, but I didn’t understand a single word until a year ago (My native language is Italian). I decided to start studying the Russian language in November 2021, and after only two months of the video course I had already written a whole page about general aspects of my life and family in the Russian language. Subsequently, upon completion of the first stage, I had to suspend the learning, and I started studying again in July 2022, starting from the stage 2. In August I moved to Moscow where I still live and study and I have to say that the knowledge learned from the video course was a lifesaver in the first period!
    The course is very well structured: divided into 4 levels, each level has 10 different topics inside, and each topic is explained in 4 lessons, lessons that include the vocabulary and grammar, dialogues, texts and finally exercises. A very important thing in learning languages in my opinion, is the order in which they are taught. Some language courses are badly structured and the student often ends up getting confused, but with this language course you can be sure that you will always follow a logical path that will help you to express yourself since learning the first lessons. Russian is a very difficult language, it is not a language that can be learned only by immersing oneself in the Russian environment, but this course makes learning simpler, more logical and absolutely not boring. It is a fun course and it even relaxes me from my university lessons. You can always listen to the audios because you will have them with you, as well as the PDFs of the lessons.

    I’m very satisfied and will continue my learning of the beautiful Russian language with this course and with this teacher. The very useful thing about this course is that you can go at your own pace. I’m often busy with university exams and work, so there are times when I can’t devote myself carefully to study the video course, but with this course it’s not a problem: if I have a month when I’m very busy, the following month, I quickly watch again the lessons of the previous month to refresh my memory, and I start learning again. With another type of fixed-schedule course this would not be possible because I would not have the opportunity to watch the lessons more than one time.
    Last but not least: it’s very cheap compared to traditional language courses.

    100% satisfied, even with the additional material that I decided to buy always from this website (grammar books and audio stories)

  23. Colette Good

    Red Kalinka is Tried And True !!!
    All those wonderful reviews are all what they say ! I need only to add …Discover it quicker than I did !!!

  24. Tobias

    I absolutely love this course and can only recommend it to anyone who wants to get started with learning Russian language. My journey with Russian has been quiet long and difficult. I started out like almost 10 years ago but never quit managed to a) stick to it and b) make progress. Not making progress just makes you want to quit, so I guess that’s the reason why I never succeeded with language – so far. So far I have used Rosetta Stone, Babbel, Busuu, Duolingo and some workbooks from my local library and even hired of personal teacher on preply in order to learn the language but truth is none of the above worked for me. The problem with these tools is just that a) you don’t have a teacher and b) its not teaching you about grammar which makes it very confusing. What these tools are definitely great for is to learn vocabulary. I managed to learn around 2000 words within just a few months worth of time. But long term I never managed to get these tools to work for me. I am the kind of person who needs a teacher and a course that has a plan that guides your from A, B, C … all the way to Z.

    My native language is German and it is quiet difficult to find any courses that teach Russian language. If you do find one the most of the time only offer you level A1 or at max A2 and on top of that they are so expensive that its just not an option. Paying like 300 to 500 € for 10 lessons that bring you to Level A1 is just not worth the money. Unfortunately there are no German online courses either. At least I haven’t found one yet.

    So ten years forward and its 2022. My (Russian) daughter is 2 years old now and starts talking in Russian more and more every day and I felt like missing out like a lot on what’s going on in her mind and her life so I decided to give “learning the Russian language” one final try. Like I said first time I started back in like 2012 and stopped after a couple of months. My second attempt was in like 2016 but I didn’t even manage to stick to it for more then 6 weeks. And now its 2022 and I finally want to get this right this time. So luckily I stumbled upon a reddit post where people kept talking about this “red Kalinka/sistema Kalinka” and people kept saying that this online course was the best tool for them to learn Russian. So I googled it up, found some nice reviews about the course and signed up for the course not expecting too much. of it. Boy was I wrong. This online course is just everything I ever wanted and needed. I have been looking for exactly this so many years and its a shame I only now found it.

    There really isn’t much to say about the course other then it does exactly what it needs to do. A) is structured and guides you from beginner up to level B1. B) It has an amazing setup. The workbooks together with the video lessons with Anastasia just perfectly explain everything you need to know. C) You learn words and grammar, do dialogues, text and a lot of exercises. And D) You can always write your tutor if you have any question or need help with someone and can expect a quick and detailed reply to your question. Everything is explained very detailed and you just feel in good hands with this course. So far I have been doing this course for around four weeks and my wife says my Russian has already improved so much. This is exactly what I was missing all the years with all those other tools: Seeing progress. Without progress you’ll soon lose motivation and without that good luck on learning a language. This course just helps you making progress and it keeps you motivated. On top of it you can learn at your own speed and decide how quick or slow you want to progress. If I had known about this course ten years ago I could have saved myself a lot of money and pain.

  25. antonuus (verified owner)

    I started this course during the annoying COVID. I must admit, it is the most positive aspect.
    The course is well designed to take you from an absolute zero to whatever height you may aspire to reach. I am still in the middle of it, and I enjoy the time that I can invest in it.
    Every lesson is structurally sound. You start with the vocabulary and then move to a well presented and discussed grammar section. For sure, Russian is not an easy language, but the structure and the presentations make it enjoyable, and you can see you progress through cumulative successes and experiences.
    Next in the lesson, you will move through dialogs and a longer narrative that will hone your understanding of the spoken language. Of course, the teacher coaches you through it
    Plenty of exercises follow. They will challenge you and at the same time fortify whatever you have been learning.
    The icing on the cake at the end of the lesson, is a story that you can write yourself. Don’t hold back at it, for you can count on very personal feedback, tailored to your needs, highly constructive and motivating.

  26. Ragon Richey

    Have enjoyed the course. Good format and the videos offer nice explanations and tips. I recommend the site for anyone interested in learning the language.

  27. Thomas Martin

    Great resource and engaging course that I started during the COVID lockdowns. Took me about 2 years to finish because I had to dedicate most of my time to my university studies but I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking to get started with Russian. It gets you up to a decent level and lays the groundwork for further development. The course tutors are very responsive by email. Course material is available online and you can print it off. All in all a very comprehensive course and good value for money. Thanks again to the people behind it. C

  28. John Maffucci

    This is an excellent and comprehensive video course and I’ve benefited greatly from it. The lecturer in the videos explains points of grammar and vocabulary very carefully, and in an interesting manner. Each lesson has many exercises and texts based upon that lesson’s vocabulary and grammar, so that by the time you’ve reached the end of the lesson, if you follow all the instructions of the video lecturer, you will know that particular topic thoroughly. Additionally, each topic includes writing tasks which you then submit to your tutor, and her feedback comes back to you quickly, and with detailed correction of mistakes and explanations.

    There’s enough material here that you will most definitely not get bored or run out of things to do. On the contrary, it will take quite a bit of time to finishe everything. I’d reccomend this course either for beginners, near-beginners or to those already at an intermediatee level of Russian.

    –John M.

    P.S. Each lesson also has an immediate feedback vocabulary trainer, specifically for that lesson’s vocabulary. If you practice with it every day, after 6 or 7 days you will know all of the vocabulary, which is also reinforced by the audio files, grammar exercises, and video lectures.

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