Sistema Kalinka – Textbook 4 – Level B1-B2 (ebook)

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ebook + audioLevel B1-B2190 pages  |  Audio: 80 mins.

The best textbook to learn and teach Russian.

Sistema Kalinka is a step-by-step learning method. This is book 4, designed for intermediate-advanced students. You will learn complex aspects of the Russian language and how to use them in any context. After finishing this book, you will have a wide vocabulary and a deep understanding of the Russian grammar that will let you write, read and understand Russian in almost any context.

This book is divided into 10 lessons, with the following sections: Vocabulary (with audio), dialogues (with audio), text (with audio), grammar and exercises (with solutions). The book has 190 pages and includes 80 minutes of audio.

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Take advantage of our experience. We are Red Kalinka, the largest Russian school in the world, and you can now learn or teach Russian with our exclusive method: Sistema Kalinka. These textbooks are written only in Russian, so they can be used by both teachers and students from all over the world. Each textbook is the perfect source of texts and dialogues with audio, and adapted to a specific level. In addition, each grammar concept is gradually introduced, helping students improve naturally and easily.

The book “Sistema Kalinka 4” consists of 10 units. Each lesson includes vocabulary lists (with audio), texts (with audio), dialogues (with audio), grammar tables and exercises (with solutions). Here you can read and listen to some samples:

Listen to samples of this book:

Listen to a sample: Dialogue

Listen to a sample: Vocabulary

Listen to a sample: Text

Sistema Kalinka - sampleSistema Kalinka - sampleSistema Kalinka - sampleSistema Kalinka - sampleSistema Kalinka - sampleSistema Kalinka - sample



These are the general contents of this book:

Grammar contents: By the end of this fourth book, you will have learned every Russian grammar concept and you will understand all the knowledge required for an intermediate-advanced learner. This book covers, among others, the following grammar topics:

  • The usage of the conditional mood in complex and compound sentences.
  • The present and past participles, their forms, usage and exceptions.
  • Passive constructions: the usage of the reflexive verbs and short participles when making passive constructions of perfective and imperfective aspect.
  • Complete review of the verbs of motion, with and without prefixes., including the meaning of each prefix, their contextual usage and the prepositions used together with these verbs.
  • Advanced usage of the perfective and imperfective aspect.
  • Verb analysis: aspect, irregularities and usage.
  • Advanced usage of numbers and collective numerals.
  • Comprehensive use of particles, pronouns and conjunctions in different contexts.

Vocabulary contents: You will reach a vocabulary of over 3000 words which will let you become an independent user of the Russian language.

As an intermediate-advanced learner, you will acquire all the necessary skills to express complex topics, including abstract ideas and other complex concepts where an extensive vocabulary is required.

Among the different topics dealt with in this book, you will find: relationship with our neighbours and people around us, dealing with emotions, talking about your native country, the achievements of humankind, crime and justice, money and finance, journeys, means of transport and traffic regulations, natural disasters and key issues in today’s world, traditions and celebrations, etc.

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